Vehicle Graphics: 5 Reasons You Need A Mobile Message

You’ve just invested in a brand new billboard at a prime location. You’re set to market a big idea by potentially reaching tons of consumers, right? Well…perhaps not. Six seconds, that’s it, six seconds! That’s the average viewing time your drive-by customer will have to digest your immobile message on a billboard. Can you clearly communicate everything you need to in six short seconds? Probably not.

We live in an advertising world where spectacular graphics, coupled with customer experience, dominate the landscape. While internet impressions are eye catching in the moment, the physical experience of viewing striking graphics packs the bigger punch! Making a bold mobile statement with your advertising will give you the advantage over your competitors you’ve been looking for. We’ve assembled the top five reasons why vehicle wraps and graphics will accomplish your marketing goals and are the right advertising medium for you:



Lasting Impression



Expense is the first stop on our list. Sure, you could invest in an advertising mode that needs to be subsidized monthly, but wouldn’t it be nice to make a one-and-done payment on a new, expertly installed vinyl wrap or graphic? Wraps and graphics are more economical than painting a vehicle, while leaving no lasting damage to the current finish. That’s great news for anyone looking for a good resale value on the vehicle in the future. Even fixing a damaged graphic won’t break the bank. Vehicle Graphics are a great value and investment for your company.

Next up - timeframe. In a quick moving world, time is money. Beat the clock with a quick installation that gets you back on the road in no time. You’ll be showing off your company logo and/or graphics the moment you leave our installation center. Having your graphics produce results around the clock is a big win for both you and your company.

A lasting impression is what you’re aiming for. You want your message to stay in the minds of those who’ve seen it. More importantly, you need to attract your audience with something MORE than just graphics. They’re looking to experience your brand! Easily break those barriers by expanding your branding experience to the multi-dimensional level. When flat advertising is no longer a restriction, take advantage and branch out with new and exciting movable options. The right mobile message or graphic will help build your public relations without you having to lift a finger, and give your audience more viewing time than a six second spot on a billboard.

A graphic solution should be effective, but also be convenient. Painting your vehicle with specific graphics can come with a hefty price tag. Not to mention: it’s permanent! A simple wrap can change the entire look and feel of your vehicle. If you change your mind, vinyl graphics can easily be removed with no harm to your vehicle's finish. That sounds pretty convenient to us!

Finally, a large amount of flexibility comes with applying graphics on your vehicle. First off, you can put wraps and graphics on just about any vehicle. Boat wraps keep you message going on the water. Truck graphics show your message, while simultaneously transferring your goods. A car wrap gets you where you need to go, while continuously reaching your local audience. You can also apply graphics to an ENTIRE vehicle. Does covering certain windows with perforated graphics enhance the look even more? You bet; full speed ahead. More covered space means more opportunity for you to convey your message. An attractive and mesmerizing vehicle appearance elevates your brand completely and can drive curiosity and interest in your audience while you’re simply on your daily commute.

Vehicle graphics take your logo and marketing designs to the next level. With low initial risk and high probability of return, it’s the perfect addition to your marketing portfolio. Let us help you get recognized and get the conversation started. Ready to take your graphics on the road? Give our in-house specialists a call now!